What office lighting do you need?

11 November 2014 09:39:49 GMT

Recessed and surface mounted

There are two main types of modular lighting and they are; recessed or surface mounted. This is the way they are installed, and it’s pretty explanatory how they are different. Recessed modular office lighting is usually fitted in suspended ceilings and the face is often flush with the celling surface. Whereas surface mounted modular fittings are installed direct to a surface, often fixed with screws or sometimes suspended with catenary wire.

What are 600 x 600 modular lights?

The square style modular fitting is often referred to as 600 x 600, as this corresponds to the sizing of the product, which is approximately 600mm x 600mm. These are found in office environment s and especially areas that have tile, suspended ceilings. Recessed and surface mounted types of this product are available, where each is suited to different scenarios.

Twin fluorescent modular lights

Two tubes alongside another produces more lumen output, therefore meaning it’s brighter. These are a rectangular shape compared to the square 600 x 600 fittings, meaning they are suitable for narrower spaces. Commonly used in hallways of offices and commercial premises, these fittings are a simple to install and maintain.

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Brighten your home or office with downlights

LED and Fire rated downlights have gained much esteem in the current times and are considered as a relevant substitution for the conventional lighting systems. With the most up-to-date and cutting edge technology, downlights have various benefits and will shortly reinstate the utilisation of halogen and luminous lamps. Downlights are radiated downwards from the ceiling to give emphasis to on any particular area or object and is generally fitted at a place where a nominal lighting is required. While purchasing these new-fangled lightings, it is imperative to have it from trustworthy lighting solution suppliers. Downlighting.net is the most renowned and dependable supplier in the UK that offers the latest models and options of lightning systems including downlights, lamps and spotlights.

We trade a wide range of lights that include but are not limited to LED fire rated downlights, Non-Fire rated downlights, fire rated downlights, IP65 and lamps along with the downlight accessories at very economical prices. All these products are very versatile and suit both homes as well as commercial premises. These products offer op notch illumination in different styles to go with interior décor perfectly. The most alluring feature of these lights is that these are eco-friendly consuming less power and minimizing energy wastage, thereby tumbling the carbon footprint to a great extent. Its energy efficiency leads to drop off in energy expenditure making it a green alternative for this generation.

All our products are categorised on our online store, available in store and stocked in large quantities at our warehouse. We are constantly updating our range with the latest deals, products and accessories. If you need any office downlights to make your corporate sector luminous and attractive, then we are the ones who can fulfil your needs with absolute perfection. On our website, we have all of our products categorised and easily viewable. Your order is only a few clicks away.

Hence, why thinking? Log on to http://www.downlighting.net and shop the most outstanding lightings for your home or office. In case of queries and questions, you can dial 01244 288 138 and have a word with us. 

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Premium quality downlights

14 October 2014 15:29:30 BST

Downlights have been around for quite some time now and at present, they are one of the highly sought after options when it comes to interior lighting. From living areas, bedrooms to dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, most of the homeowners these days prefer to install downlights as they are sturdy and fashionable. If you are one of the homeowners who are looking for high quality downlights to beautify your living space then Downlighting.net is the ultimate source where your entire lighting requirements would get proficiently addressed.

We are Downlighting.net, one of the most reputable and leading lighting suppliers in the UK that offers the widest range of lamps, downlights and spotlights at the most reasonable prices to meet your overall lighting needs. Our downlights are available in varieties of modern designs and styles that can match any home decor while enhancing the look and feel of the entire living space. Your bedroom should be a relaxing environment with lighting that reflects that. Every individual wants their bedroom to be comfortable and with our Non-Fire or Fire Rated bedroom downlights you can do so with style.

If you are fed up of the traditional lighting in your kitchen and want to add give a modern and contemporary look to your kitchen then you can opt for our mesmerizing kitchen downlights. We have got an array of Fire and Non-Fire rated kitchen downlights that are available in different designs and shapes and according to your personal taste and requirements, you can grab the perfect kitchen downlight from us at reasonable prices. In addition to this, we carry the finest range of bathroom downlights, dining room downlights, lounge downlights, hall downlights, office downlights, soffit downlight and a whole bunch of downlight accessories in our stock.

We have presented a sophisticatedly designed site with a wide range of features. On our website, we have displayed our entire downlights, lamps and spotlights in different categories. You can check out the comprehensive details, features and prices of each of our products while navigating through the site and purchase the desired product from us at the most competitive prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at http://www.downlighting.net/ to see what we have got for you. For assistance, you can speak to our representative at 01244 288138.  

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Using the right lighting for your environment

Darker times of the day require good quality lighting to brighten up the rooms in your home, especially in the winter time. Lighting up your bathroom is equally imperative, with slippery floors being a hazard. So, it proves out to be very important to affix the best bathroom downlights from the latest designed stock. Activities like shaving, make-up and general grooming activities require clear lighting in early mornings. The proper lighting should be afforded in the various sections of bathrooms such as shower section, vanity mirror territory and toilet zone. To get escaped from slipping on the wet surface in your bathroom, it is essential to use them.

The IP65 downlights are also one of the most outstanding lighting solutions available in the market these days. They can be used in bathrooms, shower areas or above the front door by mounting it in a shielding soffit. The IP65 downlights have a low voltage and can be installed in your home by a qualified professional. You can use IP65 downlights in the region where hosing down may take place. The fixture of IP65 is fully sealed from below and proves an ideal lighting for small to medium areas where steam is present most of the times.

Try out the new Light Emitting Diode lamps or better known as LED lamps to give a new outlook to your beautiful home and/or workplace. The LED lamps are more energy efficient and durable as compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. The maintenance and replacement times can be reduced with the longer lifespan of a LED lamp. Besides providing the huge potential savings, the LED lamps can be used in any environment. They are available in various colours and styles and they can supply an instant lighting to your surroundings with a full illumination. The most significant part of using LED lights is that they can save you significant amount of money on your electricity bills.

If you want to add a touch of elegance and class to your home or office then all you need is to surf internet and find the best supplier such as Downlighting.net to provide you the best quality downlights and lamps at the most reasonable prices.

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Find the best Fire Rated Downlight for your home

Downlights are one of the most prominent lighting solutions that have the potential to enhance the look and feel of any interior setting, be it home or office. The trend of using Downlights is becoming increasingly popular because of their highly advanced features and multitude of applications. Downlights are also known as spot lights, can lights or pot lights that are installed on into a hollow space or opening made in the ceiling at the time of construction. It provides a perfect look to your ceiling and your living space. There is also the option of tilting fittings that allow the direction and intensity of light as per your requirements.

There are two types of downlights available in the market nowadays that are Non-Fire rated and Fire rated downlights. When a hole is made into the ceiling, a possible fire hazard is created and thus, fire rated downlights are preferred to remedy and aid the reduction in the spreading of fire. It provides a better lighting solution apart from adding a glossy and elegant touch to the space. There is plenty of fire rated lighting options available these days that can prove to be efficient and the best decoration for your home.

Most ceilings are made of plaster boards and fire can spread with less resistance when the fitting is incorrect for the application or is fitted improperly. Fire rated downlights are manufactured in such a way so that they can withstand fire and provide expected level of safety. It is important for you to select the downlights that goes well with your interior design and requirements. In normal lightings, you may face issues related to low light output, but in case of fire rated downlights you may get adequate amount of light according to your space. For better use and maintenance, downlights can be installed in the ceiling with the safety features in mind.   

LED fire rated downlights are also increasing in popularity; most of the people prefer installing LED fire rated downlights as they are the most energy efficient lighting solutions available these days. Such LED fire rated downlights consume lesser energy as compared to conventional lightings while delivering maximum output of light. Making the switch to LED lighting can help you save on your electricity bills and cut back on the amount the lamps need replacing.  

If you are considering install the highest quality downlights in your home or workplace, then it is recommended to do some internet research and the best downlights supplier in the UK such as Downlighting.net to address your lighting needs within your budget.  

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