Halogen vs. LED lampsHalogen lamps have been incredibly dominant in the market for many years, lighting many homes and businesses along the way, especially GU10 and MR16 fittings being the most popular choice. Halogen lamps provide a natural, warm colour to their light, all whilst being highly available and cheap to buy. With the pressing issue of energy saving to reduce your carbon footprint, and the savings on energy bills, consumers have started to replace their classic halogen lamps with the newer LED alternatives.

Replacing the unreliable halogen lamps with the modern LED alternatives has become the forefront of household energy saving. Calculate your savings and the investment return estimate using our very own LED Savings Calculator.

Switching from halogen to LED can save you up to 90% on your energy bills. The environmentally friendly, energy efficient upgrade not only saves you money but rewards you with reliability. Running at a lower heat and providing more performance for your money, it’s a great start to cutting back on your lighting bills. We can aid you decide what LED you require when upgrading from halogen; just try our Halogen to LED Converter.

LED lamps are highly efficient, giving off 80% of the electricity used as light energy, compared to the polar opposite of halogen lamps giving off 20% as light and 80% as heat energy. Due to their design, LED lamps emit very little heat and continue to operate successfully for thousands of hours.

Efficiency, money savings, reliability and durability, are the key factors why people make the investment in LED lighting. There are different colour tones available, from whiter shades to the more natural looking and warmer colours. You can call our sales hotline if you require any more information and the team will aid you with your decision.