How many downlights do I need for my room

When installing downlights in a home, the recommended amount required is one per square metre. A half metre space should be left around the edge of the room, which would be the distance between the fitting and the wall. This is obviously a general guide and doesn't take into account other variables such as alcoves and non-symmetrical rooms.

This general guide usually provides ideal lighting coverage for most environments, with many people using this method for years. Adaptations to the guide are required wherever necessary, especially with different shaped rooms and rooms that require different light coverage. The lux levels are an idication of the brightness and different rooms in the home are suited to a lesser lux coverage, such as the bedroom.

We recommend an average of 300 lux for kitchens and bathrooms where light is important for day-to-day tasks. Lounges and bedrooms are obviously a more relaxed environment and are suited to a lower 150 lux. Lux levels in the home are mostly a matter of opinion and have no standardised recommendations, whereas commercial premises such as offices are to have a minimum of 500 lux.

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