What is a fire rated downlight?

The colour of the light displayed from a lamp is called the colour temperature and is measured by the Kelvin scale. It ranges from 1800K which is similar to a red/orange candle light to 7500K which is like a blue toned overcast daylight colour. These colour temperatures all have their uses and are all suitable for different environments and specific locations.

Choosing the correct colour temperature for a room is dependent on multiple factors. You should choose the right temperature to match your décor, whilst still keeping enough brightness for the room’s functionality. Tones of red and yellow are more suited to Warm white (3000K) and Cool white (4000K) is commonly used with blues and greens.

Warm white is most commonly used in relaxed rooms such as bedrooms and lounges, whereas kitchens and bathrooms are likely to be more of a Cool white environment. Daylight white (6500K) is also used in bathrooms quite often sue to its cooler and clean feel it provides.

Kelvin scale

This chart provides visual representation of the Kelvin scale. The left colours start at 1800K and progressively go from warmer reds and oranges to the blues and grey lighting of 7500K. Here’s a breakdown of which colours we recommend:

  • Warm White (3000K): Bedrooms, lounges, and general living spaces that a relaxed environment.
  • Cool White (4500K): Kitchens, bathrooms, and office spaces that are suited to brighter lighting.
  • Daylight White (6500K): Bathrooms and soffit lighting, and wherever requires bright cool/clean lighting.