Recessed and surface mounted

There are two main types of modular lighting and they are; recessed or surface mounted. This is the way they are installed, and it’s pretty explanatory how they are different. Recessed modular office lighting is usually fitted in suspended ceilings and the face is often flush with the celling surface. Whereas surface mounted modular fittings are installed direct to a surface, often fixed with screws or sometimes suspended with catenary wire.

What are 600 x 600 modular lights?

The square style modular fitting is often referred to as 600 x 600, as this corresponds to the sizing of the product, which is approximately 600mm x 600mm. These are found in office environment s and especially areas that have tile, suspended ceilings. Recessed and surface mounted types of this product are available, where each is suited to different scenarios.

Twin fluorescent modular lights

Two tubes alongside another produces more lumen output, therefore meaning it’s brighter. These are a rectangular shape compared to the square 600 x 600 fittings, meaning they are suitable for narrower spaces. Commonly used in hallways of offices and commercial premises, these fittings are a simple to install and maintain.