Die-Cast Fire Rated Downlight Fixed Chrome GU10

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Availability: In stock

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Model Number: DLFGFCDC

Fire Rated Fixed Die-Cast Chrome fittings available for some of the most competitive prices online with fast, free delivery on orders over £50 including VAT. Please call our sales team on 01244 288138, who will be happy to provide further information and assistance.


Die-Cast Fire Rated Downlights – Fixed Chrome GU10


A variant of Fire Rated Downlight, these fixed chrome GU10 fittings are made from hard-wearing die-cast aluminium. This means that they don’t rust, regardless of the environment they are installed into and are more resistant to day-to-day wear & tear.
As well as preventing rust, the die-cast fittings also include a twist & lock face, enabling easier installation and replacement of lamps. When regarding lamps, both LED and GU10 halogen lamps are suitable for these fittings.
As with all Fire Rated fittings, these are designed and built to a specification that allows exposure to open flames for up to 90 minutes. This helps prevention of fire spreading between the floors of buildings, or into an attic if the fire starts on the top floor of a house. This Fire Rating is due to the fact that the fascia has an intumescent seal surrounding it, which expands when exposed to heat. This then seals the gap surrounding the fascia, as to prevent the flames from penetrating throughout the ceiling.
Not only does the intumescent seal helping give the fitting its fire rating, but it also helps with noise pollution. The hole that surrounds the fitting is created when using a hole saw during the installation of the fitting, which has the tendency to let noise from surrounding rooms into the room where the fitting is installed. This is cut down also due to the intumescent seal.
As insinuated by the name, this fitting is a fixed variant. This means that unlike the tilting fittings, you can’t adjust the direction of light once they are installed.


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As these Fire Rated Downlights are available in multiple types, there might be a fitting that you require in particular but cannot find among the range available through the website. If this is the case, please feel free to give our sales team a call on 01244 288138, who will be happy to provide further assistance and information.
Based on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Park near Chester, we welcome customers who prefer to pick up their purchased items. 

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Product Specification

Wattage:35W/50W (Compatible with LEDs up to 50W)
Lamp Base:GU10
IP Rating:IP20
Material:Die-Cast Aluminium
Guarantee:2 Years
Cut Out Size Required:75
Front Face Diameter:83.5mm
Front Face Diameter:83.5mm

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